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PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Masturbator
PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Masturbator
PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Masturbator
PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Masturbator

PDX Elite Milk Me Silly Masturbator

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (okay, it hasn't been particularly long, or far, but that intro works for anything!), our friends at Pipedream blew all of our minds with a line of ultra real masturbators in a magically realistic material called FantaFlesh. Then, they kept right on going! The Milk Me Silly is a brand new, ultra premium pleasure tool from the PDX Elite line, and it's going to blow more than your mind! Promise.

Flashing a tight soft-lipped pussy and tight pucker outside plus two separate, massively stimulating textures inside, the bent-over Milk Me Silly can be held in your hands, on your lap, or propped between pillows. You might want to grab onto more than her butt when the namesake milking function gets going, but we'll get to that in a moment! 

Even without the incredible massaging, sucking, gyrating action of the very special inner mechanism and/or perfectly placed vibration, you'll be able to grab and squeeze those plump butt cheeks as you take full advantage of inner canals designed to feel just like pussy or butt sex. A close ended shape naturally builds up suction with every thrust and contains the aftermath of your big finish.

Let's talk about milking! Inside your Milk Me Silly, placed strategically around both the pussy and ass canals, dual gyrating motors rub and roll over your cock, squeezing and sliding in five possible modes and at five possible speeds. Meanwhile, a vibrating bullet placed to target the underside of your shaft buzzes and throbs in another five modes and five speeds. You'll be able to control your Milk Me Silly easily using a wired remote that connects directly to the inner workings.

This masturbator is powered by reliable electricity, and includes three travel adapters, just in case you'd like to travel the world with your toy. Plug 'er in and play away.

In Pipedream's super-soft Fanta Flesh, the Milk Me Silly Masturbator clings and releases just like the real thing. Slather lots of lube inside for tons of slipperiness- the smooth glide will only enhance the feel of tons of bumpy inner nodes. Clean well before and after use with lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Fanta Flesh's TPE construction is ready to rock and/or roll with any favorite water based lube.

* The PDX Elite Milk Me Silly is 12.2"31cm long, 11.8"/30cm wide and 7.1"/18.03cm high. Both ass and vagina interiors are 5.2"/13.2cm penetrable, and stretch to about 3"/7.6cm in diameter. Total weight is 20.7lbs/9.4kg

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