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Pink PussyCat
Pink PussyCat
Pink PussyCat

Pink PussyCat

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Heighten sensations. Pink Pussycat Female Sexual Enhancement Honey will increase libido and sexual desire! Give your natural lubrication an incredible boost! You will be hungrier for sex than you’ve ever been before. Be the lover you have always wanted to be! 

  • Intense Orgasm
  • Maximum Arousal
  • Fast Action & Long Lasting
  • Better Vaginal Lubrication
  • Last up to 72 hours

Take one hour before sexual activity. Lasts up to 72 hours. Benefits include:

  • Heightened sensation
  • No headache
  • Increased desire

Enhancement pill helps increase female libido and sexual desire. Each pill last up to 72 hrs. Increases natural lubrication, helps with more frequent and powerful orgasms. One capsule per package.

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