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Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start
Executive Jump Start

Executive Jump Start

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Allow Katch It By Kelicious LLC help you join financial freedom. With my wholesale packages you will play an important role in supporting my mission to raise awareness around the importance of maintaining a healthy sex life, and providing greater intimacy and pleasure for singles and couples alike. The program gives you a platform to sell and promote high quality, body-safe, innovative and super sexy intimate products in person or online if you choose to create a website. All packages 
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5 One Speed Bullets

5 Gawk Gawk 3000 

5 Gold Lion Men’s Pills

5 pink Pussycat pills 

5 Size Queen 6 in jelly penis 

Of course, there's plenty to love about this dildo, but first, you have to adore that perfect purple, blue or pink color! Aside from the pretty palette, the Size Queen 6" features some seriously versatile styling and a lifelike shape designed to seek, find and please inner sweet spots from g-spot to prostate and beyond. A sexy smoothed-down tip stretches and stimulates right from the start, and the plushy, squeezable realism is nothing short of dreamy. 

5 rose 

7-Function any Color Silicone Clitoral Rose Massager with Intense Suction.

Material: Medical Grade Silicone
Color: Red, Blue, Pink, or Black
Vibration: 7 Speeds
Battery: Rechargeable
Recharging Method: USB Port


Gently relaxing the back of the throat, transforming oral love into an act immeasurably more comfortable and enjoyable for the giver as well as the receiver, Deeply Love You Throat Relaxing Spray is a deliciously flavored bedside staple. To use, simply direct a spray or two to the back of the throat and wait a few moments for the subtle effect to be felt.



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