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Deluxe Door Swing Set
Deluxe Door Swing Set

Deluxe Door Swing Set

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A Deluxe Door Swing Set that proves the old saying, "you never know what goes on behind closed doors", Shots genius adult swing set quickly and (very!) easily turns just about any doorway into fantasy heaven.

Inside, you'll find a simple set-up that includes two main support straps with sturdy metal stoppers, a comfy padded seat and 2 acrylic leverage handles. Position the stoppers over-top of your door frame, then close and lock the door. Help your partner in, or have them help you, and that's it that's all, you're ready to play! The straps adjust easily to suit your preferred height. A sexy satin eye mask is included.

The Deluxe Door Swing holds up to 882lbs/400kg. For safety's sake, please make sure to lock or secure your door!

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