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NUUD NUUDIES Pre-Rolled Sex Joints 4-Pack
NUUD NUUDIES Pre-Rolled Sex Joints 4-Pack

NUUD NUUDIES Pre-Rolled Sex Joints 4-Pack

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Experience heightened pleasures with NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Rolls, a collection of four tantalizing flavors thoughtfully curated to elevate intimate moments. Encased in a sleek and reusable travel case, each pre-roll is infused with a blend of HHC and carefully selected botanicals, providing a unique and sensual experience.

Indulge in the aromas of Lavender Cosmo, Rose Petal, Blue Lotus, and Cupidft.s Blend, all designed to ignite passion and connection. These pre-rolls are the perfect companion for exploring new depths of intimacy and pleasure.

Meet The Flavors
Each NUUD Pleasures Sex Pre-Roll flavor is meticulously crafted to offer a unique experience, allowing you to tailor your journey to your desires. Whether youft.re seeking relaxation, romance, exploration, or passion, our pre-rolls provide a gateway to a world of possibilities.

  • Lavender Cosmo Pre-Roll: Indulge in the soothing embrace of Lavender Cosmo, where the relaxing properties of lavender seamlessly blend with the euphoric qualities of blue lotus. This pre-roll sets the stage for a serene and sensuous experience, heightening your senses while promoting tranquility. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or setting the mood for a romantic evening, Lavender Cosmo enhances relaxation and intimacy.
  • Rose Petal Pre-Roll: Elevate your sensual journey with the captivating allure of Rose Petal. The delicate essence of roses is complemented by the harmonizing touch of blue lotus, enhancing passion and connection. This pre-roll is designed to ignite the flames of desire, creating an ambiance of romance and intimacy. Let Rose Petal be your companion in moments of intimacy, enriching your connection with yourself or a partner.
  • Blue Lotus Pre-Roll: Embrace the mystical allure of Blue Lotus, an enchanting pre-roll that invites you to explore the depths of your desires. With blue lotus as the star ingredient, this pre-roll promotes relaxation, heightened sensations, and a deeper connection to your inner self. Whether enjoyed solo or with a partner, Blue Lotus fosters an atmosphere of exploration and self-discovery.
  • Cupidft.s Blend Pre-Roll: Ignite the spark of passion with Cupidft.s Blend, a pre-roll designed to awaken desire and amplify connection. The combination of blue lotus and Damiana creates a powerful synergy that promotes sensuality and arousal. Let Cupidft.s Blend be your partner in elevating intimate moments, encouraging playfulness and exploration in the realm of pleasure.

Sex Pre-Rolls Ingredients
Lavender Cosmo: HHC, Lavender, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes
Rose Petal: HHC, Rose, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes
Blue Lotus: HHC, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes
Cupidft.s Blend: HHC, Blue Lotus, Damiana, botanically derived terpenes

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